Battery Hawkins PRO15 Charger 6-24V 10A


  • The Hawkins Pro 15 is designed to charge up to a maximum of four 6 Volt or two 12 Volt batteries in series
  • This charger is ideally suited for the small motor workshop, service station or small fleet or farming operation
  • Is a multi battery charger capable of charging 6V, 12V or 24V batteries
  • Voltage selection switch allows the user to set the appropriate voltage
  • Current selection switch varies the charge current up to 10A
  • Fuse on the front panel will blow if the PRO 15 is connected incorrectly to the battery
  • Resettable circuit breaker will trip if a charge current higher than 10A is selected
  • Input to the charger is protected by a mains fuse in the socket


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Technical data
Input Voltage – 230Vac
Output Voltage – 6V / 12V / 24V at 10A

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 21 × 21 cm


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